Lead Guitar
Fearless Leader
Bass Guitar
Force of Nature
Groove Master
Rhythm Guitar
Special Sauce
Tickler of Ivories

Larry Honigbaum

Founder and leader of Lost Sailors, Larry plays lead guitar, sings the lead vocal on most of the songs, and is in charge of choosing what songs we play at the shows; that is, he is our "Jerry".

Larry's been playing Grateful Dead music since he was a teenager, has been to over 350 Grateful Dead shows, and is an avid tape trader and gets all his news from The Onion.

Before forming Lost Sailors, Larry headed up another Ithaca-area Grateful Dead tribute band, Group Effort, which recorded a number of his original compositions in addition to the GD covers. The youngest of the members of Lost Sailors, he nonetheless has the most experience with the Grateful Dead's milieu, and takes great care in crafting the tone and style of Lost Sailors performances.

Eric Ott

Eric plays bass guitar, sings lead on those songs Larry doesn't -- primarily the "Bobby tunes" -- and like Phil in the Grateful Dead, is in charge of the Forces of Nature. He's got a deep grounding in jazz and blues in addition to the GD repertoire, and plays with a number of other bands and combos in the Ithaca and Trumansburg areas.

He was also for many years the King of Rongovia, leading that venerable institution known as The Rongovian Embassy through its finest years of glory and fame.

Eric's studied patience and solid grasp are legendary in the annals of Lost Sailors. He is our rock, our foundation.

Taz Cannon

Our drummer is the Tasmanian Devil himself: the percussive master of the pots, pans, and skins. He is The Man In Charge of The Groove. He's got the tough job of covering both Mickey and Billy's legacy, which he does with a patented combination of maniacal positive energy and excess caffeine.

Taz played blues and rock around Ithaca for decades with legends like Northern Tier, Fishheads, The Glenn Davis Band, Blue Shadows, Stark Raven, Everett Fox Band, All You Can Eat, Breaking Even, Skin Tight, and Pete Panek and the Blue Cats. He is an active local DJ and radio personality, and does his own shows at The Haunt. He is Lost Sailors' resident photographer and is responsible for capturing the images of a huge number of people in a 100-mile radius of Ithaca.

On the personal side, Taz is an avid fancier of all things having to do with dragons, and is a serious audiophile, having a home entertainment setup second to none. He also hunts deer with his car, albeit unintentionally.

Roy Flacco

Roy is Lost Sailors' Wild Card. He plays the "Bobby" rhythm guitar parts, sings vocal harmonies, and simultaneously (as his alter ego Professor Flux Capacitor) engineers the Lost Sailors' sound system from the stage. He appears to travel through time, which we think has something to do with quantum tunneling.

He first saw the Grateful Dead at his college homecoming on Bob Weir's birthday, but joining Lost Sailors was what brought out his inner Deadhead over his electric-blues-rocker. In an excess of enthusiasm he founded another spinoff Dead cover band Saints of Circumstance, playing in tandem with Lost Sailors from 1999 through 2002.

Roy has a 16-track home recording studio where in addition to guitar he plays keyboards and bass (and percussion when he thinks nobody is watching), runs the Lost Sailors website and fanbase email, makes MP3s of the show tapes, and in his copious spare time solves the problems of achieving world peace.

Neal Massa

Neal is the most recently acquired full-time member of the band, Neal adds his exquisite keyboards to Lost Sailors, in addition to his many other musical activities around Ithaca. A veteran musician known to nearly every music lover in the area, he brings a particularly fine tonal setting to the Lost Sailors shows, that puts everybody in a much better place.

The keyboard position in a Grateful Dead band is known to be dangerous if not outright lethal — so Neal was a little cautious about becoming a full member of the band for a while. However, he's been showing up much more often than not this past year, so we're gonna make it official...