About Lost Sailors
Lost Sailors is an Ithaca, NY based Grateful Dead cover band
Lost Sailors has been playing for over 12 years, has performed over 400 shows, and is widely considered to be the premier interpretive Grateful Dead tribute band in Upstate N.Y. We've built a solid reputation for high-energy, carefully-crafted, and unpredictable performances, as well as the most consistently enjoyable club sound production around.

Our shows follow the Grateful Dead's traditional two-long-sets format, with a wide-ranging mix of rock, folk, blues, and country-pickin', mainly electric with some acoustic treatments. Improvisational jams are punctuated by sweet ballads and classic show stoppers. We play music people of all ages and tastes love to listen and dance to.

Lost Sailors was founded by Larry Honigbaum (lead guitar, vocals) in 1991. Other members are Eric Ott (bass guitar, vocals), Taz Cannon (drums), Neal Massa (keyboards), and Roy Flacco (rhythm guitar, vocals, sound). Over the years we've had the pleasure of playing with some other fine musicians, too. Please see the Bio and History section for much more on the fellows in the band.

Anything the Grateful Dead played is fair game for our shows, including tunes from Jerry Garcia's and Bob Weir's side projects, and from artists they covered, including Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Bruce Cockburn, plus traditionals, and on and on. With over 150 songs in our active repertoire, we treat you to an ever-changing sampling of some of the best songs ever written.


We are primarily a club band, but we also play a variety of other events, informal and formal, including private parties, frat parties, weddings, birthdays, music festivals, and more. If you're interested in booking Lost Sailors, please contact us by email here.

Club Owners! Need promotional materials for a Lost Sailors show? We can get you going with no hassle. Download ready-to-print poster PDFs and other promo info here.