Music MP3s
Lost Sailors tapes nearly every live show we perform onto Digital Audio Tape (DAT), direct off the soundboard. We cut the sets into tracks, encode them into MP3 files, and you can download them from this site for free. This is our gift to you.

These few songs are only a tiny taste. The Lost Sailors MP3 Library is posted in the Fan Zone, containing our most recent shows...

ShowTrack - TitleSize
2005-03-18 Barleycorn01 Truckin' - Mystery Train15.0 MB
2005-03-18 Barleycorn11 Franklin's Tower9.1 MB
2005-03-18 Barleycorn16 Stella Blue10.4 MB
2005-02-26 Glory Hole08 Walkin' Blues6.6 MB


  • These files are MP3-encoded at 128 kbps and can be played on iPods, computers, portable MP3 players, modern CD players, etc.

  • These files are completely free of DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions. You are welcome to make copies, burn them to CD, and give them away. But please don't sell them, that's not fair.

  • The 2-digit "Track" number in the song title is the setlist position of that song, for that show, and only has relevance to that show.

  • The entire Lost Sailors MP3 Library is available for free download on the Fan Zone music pages.